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Monday, March 22, 2010

"It is so easy to forget the suffering"

When an earthquake nearly as strong as the February 27th quake shook Chile in 1939, the death and destruction were horrendous. Some 50,000 people were killed and another 60,000 injured. Fr. Alberto Hurtado, SJ, reflected on the immediate—emotional—response and the need to continue to help after the feelings faded. Fr. Eugenio Valenzuela, SJ, sent Fr. Hurtado's text written right after the earthquake in 1939.

“It is easy to awaken our feelings but it is short-lived! It is an emotion that passes by without being noticed. It does not touch our lives. When people are suffering deeply, they do not think or reflect about it!! So it easy to forget the suffering! After the recent earthquake that hit us, many young people were touched by the tragedy and decided to support and serve the affected population, but very quickly they became tourists. They were overwhelmed by the sacrifices that were required of them; they did not think and reflect about that.”

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